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IPs Portfolio


We developed several IPs for RF applications, as well as for supplying building blocks for IOT applications. Architectures can be ported to several technologies depending on customer needs. For any additional information and inquiry regarding the below IPs please contact us.

  • Patented RF VCOs low-power low-phase noise architectures
  • Phase Locked Loops and Delay Locked Loops
  • RF Analog Beam Forming Network Front-End
  • RF Down-conversion Front-End for LTE applications
  • Patented Digital Controller for Buck Converters
  • Ultra-low-power Switched LDOs architectures (up to 1A with 25uA quiescent current)
  • Ultra-low-power SAR ADCs (10-12bit,  2-4MS/s with <2mW power consumption)
  • Ultra-low-power BGAP references (<1uA current consumption)
  • RTCs (32KHz with <50ns peak-to-peak jitter)


We developed proprietary sensors for non-invasive detection of dielectric constant in low liquids and to study conductivity changes in nano-structured surfaces (e.g. photo-voltaic cells).

For any additional information and inquiry regarding the sensors technology please contact us.

  • Low Dielectric Constant Liquid Gauge Sensor
  • Nano-Structured Surface Conductivity Sensor