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The Company Perspective

RAME acronym is the italian word meaning “copper”.

Copper is one among the ubiquitous elements found in electronics, since it is adopted in everyday cables as well as in integrated circuits, antennas, sensors, etc.

Copper has been used since ancient times; it has always been a key material for the development of human technology, and a valuable trade good, at the base of commercial relationships among populations.

Copper hence represents the symbolic matter to realize links, from cultural to electrical interconnections: this is the metaphorical key-word to actually define RAME mission.

Our goal is to establish, for a given research object, a “bridge” between the latest scientific/technical results and the potential applications.

Transfer of knowledge between different scientific scenarios is a multi-step process involving the ability to collect information on the current state-of-the-art and to provide an effective intercommunication path across several research fields.

In order to fulfill this role, RAME is capable of:

  • analyzing and proposing solutions for joint research commitments;
  • leading autonomous and independent research projects.