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Tracking Receiver Processor for MPR

da | Gen 11, 2021

The project is carried on in collaboration with Italspazio.

The processor platform is constituted of a Software Defined Radio (SDR), configured for receiving Sum & Difference signals coming from a Tracking Receiver Antenna System.

The SDR implements a digital processing for the relative phase displacement extraction, based on a minima search in a hybrid cross-correlation function elaborated both in frequency domain (within the spectral analysis of incoming signals) and in time (as in the correlation between 2 signals).

Such function reveals an absolute delta time, associated to a relative phase once the input frequency spectrum has been identified.  In parallel to this part of processing, the processor elaborates the output signals to be translated in analog domain for controlling servo motors.

The processor is able to work with power ratio of sum signal over difference signal down to -60dB. The optimal condition for the tracking receiver is around -40dB.

The processore is capable to worj with the following signal:

  • CW
  • constant envelope modulation signals with symbol rate in the BW of the processor


  • Processing speed SDR: 100MHz
  • Tuning Frequency Range 70MHz-6GHz , in 1KHz steps
  • BW up to 500KHz
  • Sampling rate: 20MS/s @ 12 bit resolution
  • FFT and cross-correlator depth: programmable [16-2048], default 1024
  • Refresh rate at output as low as 10.2us
  • Phase displacement extraction accuracy 1.8° @ 100KHz