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Public Funded Projects

3GPP Narrow-Band Internet-of-Things (NB-IoT) User Sensor Integration into Satellite‚Äč

Status: active – Kick-Off April 1st 2020

RAME is involved as the main technological partner in the consortium for the development of the ARTES Advanced Technology SOW (3A.106)‚Äč European Space Agency programme.

Link at the project here.

Link to dedicated page here.
More updates to come in forthcoming days.

Easy Covid 19

Status: active

Radio Analog Micro Electronics srl is contributing to the Easy Covid 19 not-for-profit campaign. The first lot of 3D printed valves is going to be dispatched at end of March 2020. Up to 10 couples may be fabricated in a day through our facilities. We provide the ready to print file for Makerbot Replicator series here.

Link to dedicated page here.


Status: evaluation stage

RAME bid for LAerospaZIO (in consortium with ENEA, ASI and Consorzio di Ricerca Hypatia) is undergoing to evaluation by public commission. Public announcement can be found here. Project aims to the development of innovative Power Management Systems (PMS) in High Altitude Platform Systems (HAPS).


Status: active (currently suspended)

RAME is involved as sub-contractor of Space Geomatica ltd in the upgrade of ESA Envisat RA-2 calibration transponder for the ESA Sentinel 3A and 3B SRAL instrument mission.

Link at the project: www.serac-crete.eu

Field testings have begun in January 2020, currently tehy are suspended due to the COVID 19 Emergency.
The transponder will be deployed somewhere across Europe after succesful evaluation.


Status: suspended

RAME is involved as sub-contractor of IPC2 srl in the development of traction control system for an innovative family of electric vehicles for mass transport in urban environment.


Status: ended

RAME bid for KETs has been evaluated as not financeable – public announcement can be found here. Project aimed for the development of innovative power management IC (PMIC) System in Package (SiP) solution for IOT applications.