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STORM THz Detector

da | Giu 21, 2021

The project, led by Prof. Fabrizio Palma, has been committed to RAME by Scienze di Base e Applicate per l’Ingegneria Department of Sapienza Universit√† di Roma Engineering Faculty.

Goal of the project is to validate an innovative THz Detector elements array based on a standard CMOS process with a epitaxial-layer interface at surface.

The selected process technology is the LFoundry LF11IS.

Each detector is constituted by a dipole-like antenna, a direct conversion rectifier and a ultra low noise DC-coupled amplifier.

The target is to demonstrate the feasibility of the 0.75-1.2THz incoherent detection in large scale integration achieving more than 10 `pixels’ per square millimeter.

The whole chip area is less than 3 X 4 mm, no special features of LF11IS have been used.

Preliminary results from testing of samples is expected to be performed in October 2021.

Apart from the antenna and the rectifier design, who own to Prof. Fabrizio Palma, all system and sub-systems for project completion have been completely designed and engineered by RAME in 6 months since the kick-off.

More information will be provided after test campaign!