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What we do


With “ASIC DESIGN” we mean the development of a complete system targeting application level requirements in a project.

We believe that the key-point in ASIC design is the clear definition of the specifications of a project. This important step is only achieved thanks to the consistent understanding of customer’s requirements. RAME support their customers since the beginning of project goal definitions, providing a survey on technological and architectural solutions offered by a full-custom ASIC approach.

Here is the general work-flow we follow:

  1. Definition of specifications
  2. System-level design and verification through simulations
  3. Technology-level design and nominal performances verification
  4. Physical implementation and verification
  5. Prototyping and testing on prototype samples
  6. Extensive documentation


With “IP DESIGN” we mean the development of a system portion or sub-block targeting ASIC assembly level requirements in a project.

In this case the delivered IPs are designed to be integrated in a given technology with a set of constraints induced by the application level requirements.

We own a portfolio of patented IPs in the following fields of application:

• VCOs and PLLs

• ADCs and DACs

• RF receiver frontends (Attenuators, LNAs, Mixers)

• RF transceiver frontends (Variable Gain Amplifiers, Poly-phase Filters)

• Linear regulators (LDOs, Bandgaps)

• Switching regulators (Buck and Buck-Boost converters)

• Digital controllers for Power Management ICs


We can provide feasibility studies and market surveys on specific subjects.


We support customer in porting of existing designs into different technologies or platforms.


We provide short contracting services (RAME resources on-site by customer – usually not more than 6 months)